Airport Travel

Whether you’re attending a conference, traveling with family, or catching a flight for a much-needed getaway, visiting new places can be an enjoyable experience. But, the task of traveling from A to B? Not so much.

American Limousine offers the fastest, finest private black car and limo transportation to the airport. Our affordable airport limo service can conveniently deliver you to and from the airport – while helping you avoid getting caught up in the mad dash of travel.

Why consider our airport limo service? Even you’re leaving after the morning rush, our black car and limo service can make getting to your gate easier. Parking lots fill up quickly, not to mention that the cost of the airport garage. Choosing a budget-friendly lot instead? There are still shuttle wait times to consider. All of this, of course, is before you join the security checkpoint crowds, then squeezed into your small seat on the plane. Fortunately for travelers coming and going from the airport, we offer luxury limo and black car airport transportation services that start and finish any journey in first-class style.

Here’s What to Expect From Our black car Transfer Service:

Imagine being picked up from your home, office, or hotel right on time. A chauffeur opens the door for you, inviting you to step in and relax. You sink into the spacious, comfortable seats of a new or late-model luxury vehicle, while your luggage is tucked away before your trip. Using a state-of-the-art logistics service, your driver has already checked ahead for undesirable traffic patterns before deciding on the swiftest route. Any changes in your flight’s departure will also ping through—all that’s left for you to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride. Upon arrival at the airport, you can be let off at the curb nearest to your gate. Your luggage will be retrieved for you by your chauffeur, and you’re free to make your way into the departure terminal feeling refreshed, and with time to spare.

Scheduling a Pick-Up From the Airport? Here’s What To Expect:

Depending on your preferences, choose between three convenient options for your Starline airport limo pick-up from the airport:

Option 1: Baggage Claim Level Curbside

Once you’ve picked up your luggage, note the exit number of the nearest door. Call American Limousine at (216) 221-9330, and step outside. Your driver will be there within minutes to meet you at the curb. Baggage Claim Level Curbside service is free of charge. It’s most convenient for tourists and guests who are unfamiliar with the airport, as well as families who may have lots of luggage in tow, as it minimizes the amount of walking required to reach your vehicle.

Option 2: Ground Transportation Pick-Up

Once your driver receives notice that your plane has landed, they will stage the vehicle in the ground transportation area. Upon exiting the terminal, head to the area designated for ground transportation and cab pick-ups. Once there, your vehicle can be easily identified by a sign that’s marked with ‘American Limousine’ or your name. Ground Transportation Pick-Up service is free of charge. This service is perfect for those with only hand luggage, who are familiar with navigating the airport, and would prefer to cut through the crowds waiting for curbside pick-ups.

Option 3: Meet & Greet

Once you reach your assigned baggage claim carousel, you’ll be greeted by an American Limousine driver holding up your party’s name on a sign. Your driver will assist with your luggage, then escort you to your vehicle. The traditional limousine pick-up, Meet & Greet service is a popular option for executives, travelers with lots of luggage, or anytime you’d like to make an impression.

Remember to Confirm That Your Service Is American Limousine

Depending on the style of pickup you choose, our drivers will have American Limousine sign in the window or will hold a sign with the customer’s name. On very rare occasions, customers have experienced an independent driver trying to ‘hijack’ their trip. When being picked up, remember that only our driver knows your full name and address, so it's easy (and important) to verify that you are driving with us.

What If I Need to Change or Cancel My Airport Limo Reservation?

Don’t worry, we understand that travel plans can change. If you need to reschedule your airport transfer service to a different time or date, just let our customer service team know. Need to cancel your private airport transfer altogether? Also not a problem—we just ask that you call at least two hours in advance of your scheduled pick-up, and we’ll immediately process your request. If you’d like to notify American Limousine of your cancellation via email, please do so a full 24 hours before your scheduled pick-up. No-shows will be charged the full amount, plus an additional 20% fee.

Traveling With Children? Here’s What You Need To Know:

Is your whole family heading off on a holiday? At American Limousine, we’re glad to have your little ones along for the ride. Please note the following considerations so you’re prepared for a seamless trip:

  • If your child is under 8 years old or less than 4'9" tall (whichever comes first), the law requires that they’ll need a booster seat when using our services.
  • You’re welcome to install a seat that you already own for free, and we’re happy to assist. However, please note that for liability purposes, we can’t be the ones to complete the installation, nor to secure your child into their booster seat. However, if you need the car seat for a round trip, we’ll be happy to keep it in place and have it available for your return.
  • If you’d prefer to leave the extra booster seat at home, we’re more than happy to furnish one for an additional $10.
  • To order the additional service, please note that a booster seat will be required when making an online reservation, or in a follow-up email after calling, so that we can have a written record of the request on file.

Why Not Just Request a Ride? Considering This Before Hiring Uber or Lyft

Requesting a pickup with Uber or Lyft might be convenient, but nature of these services means safety takes a back seat. Hail a ride with Uber or Lyft, and you’ll only be assured of three things: Your driver is older than 21, he or she has a local license, and the vehicle is no older than 10. Beyond those minimum requirements, the qualifications and experience of your Uber and Lyft driver is a crapshoot.

In comparison, our customers are chauffeured by a hand-selected professional driver who carries a ‘For Hire’ license. To earn and maintain a For Hire license, your driver has passed a criminal background check, and submits to drug tests every six months. Beyond the basic For Hire license requirements, our drivers are masters of their craft. They maintain defensive driving training to ensure your safety, along with our own etiquette and service training to provide the most personalized service.

Are you scheduling service for a business partner or loved one? Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a professional transportation service. If an incident occurs, we have you covered with commercial insurance of at least one million, as required of any company with a limousine license.

Beyond the inherent difference in service and safety standards provided by private transportation, our drivers go the distance to make sure that your journey is enhanced by thoughtful touches, including stocking complementary water and iPhone and iPad chargers for your comfort and convenience.

Private Airport Limo Transportation Sets the Tone for Your Trip

Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, hiring a private limo transport to and from the airport doesn’t just streamline your planning. Here’s how a chauffeured ride across town sets the tone for your whole trip:

  • Private airport transportation offers a break from your stressful day. Navigating unfamiliar city streets is frustrating in any situation, much less when making time to the airport or after a long flight.
  • Our airport limo service is staffed with professional chauffeurs who are knowledgeable of the traffic patterns surrounding the city, airport, and layout of the terminal. Don’t bother with city driving when Starline can get you to the airport safely and on time.
  • Additionally, American Limousine saves you time. The average commuter spends 38 hours a year stuck in traffic, which is a total waste of your time. Instead of suffering through freeway merges, use your spare moments in a chauffeured car to catch up on necessary calls and emails. Or, better yet, take a few moments for yourself to unwind.

At American Limousine, we truly enjoy what we do and take pride in providing our clients with the best possible experience. To learn more about how our airport transportation service can benefit your next trip, contact our friendly customer service staff, who are available for you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

When Only The Best Will Do, Go With A Global Leader

American Limousine Service is the largest and most trusted limousine service providers in the state of Ohio with locations in both Cleveland and Columbus. As a member of the largest Global Franchise Network, we can offer our customers even more! Through our affiliation with the world’s leading providers of chauffeured and ground transportation services, we can assist you with your business travels in more than a thousand cities worldwide, ensuring the exceptional service you expect, no matter where your travels take you.